Monthly Archives: August 2008


My wife Karyn took this photo with her iPhone. I really like the smile she has here. Zion really knows how to get to me. I always was confused about how dads like mine could go overboard (so I thought) in their infatuation with their daughters, and there being terms like “daddy’s little girl” but I think I get how that comes about, with Zion naturally seeking my face with the obvious goal to get me to smile with her look or a well-timed leg hug while exclaiming an excited “Daddy!” upon my arrival home from work or a room she’s in after not seeing me for a few minutes. Little girls seem to be wired to captivate their dads at an early age in a way that is different than how boys seek approval.

Soccer Class

I took this picture of Josiah triumphantly crossing the makeshift finish line with my phone. Catching an action shot was really a long shot due to the time from the shutter actuation to the actual image captured. It’s a first, and I liked the unexpected result.


First post. I like technology when it isn’t a pain. I have a laptop which is very powerful, and replaces my previous Desktop. Now I have a Phone which replaces my PDA, iPod, and Treo 700p. At last my pockets are closer to empty than they have been on quite a while. The only thing better was empty pockets. No car, insurance, or keys to carry. Freedom is traded for Responsibility, and Time is traded for priviledge.
My computer will replace my TV, and someday I hope my mobile connection will be fast enough to replace my ISP.
I am not so hopeful that my ideas will replace my work, and my projects will inspire my culture.
My God will replace the corruption of this world, and his holiness will erase my lacking. Understanding will replace confusion and growth will again replace entropy. I look forward to that day.