Monthly Archives: March 2009


I wonder what it is about a daughter that really catches my attention. She seems to really seek my attention, not that my sons don’t, but she looks for my attention to be on her. My boys usually want me to see what they can do or accomplish to impress me with their accomplishments and skills. Not Zion. She wants me to be delighted in her for her charm or smile. She is pretty good at this too, because sometimes I have difficulty focusing he camera when she suprises me with something surprisingly delightful while the camera is at my eye. Now that she is grasping language so much better, she delights me in language as well as through expressions on her face.
In this photo, I decided that it would be better cropped with a sideways orientation, but Zion, always wanting to accomodate whatever I choose to do decided that a sideways beautiful grin might better fit accordingly in the resulting image. She knew it better than I did.

To Draw

I have been thinking alot about drawing and the creation of art in general recently. When I go to work and come home, eat and sleep and socialize with wife, kids and friends, I am reminded about some of the unique talent I have and have not been really using as much as I should. I have a lot of fine art supplies in the garage, but they are dried up and corroding. I need to develop my skills again in the digital realm, so that I can get back to progressing creatively and find my way back to making my business profitable. I have invested plenty in my business, and now it is time to promote it and make some money in the process.

Everyone is sick

I was sick the other week. I am glad not to be still, excepting the occasional cough. My wife, Karyn still has a ways to go before she is back feeling 100%.
Josiah feels a little sick, but he says he is feeling better.