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My Kids


My wife Karyn took this photo with her iPhone. I really like the smile she has here. Zion really knows how to get to me. I always was confused about how dads like mine could go overboard (so I thought) in their infatuation with their daughters, and there being terms like “daddy’s little girl” but I think I get how that comes about, with Zion naturally seeking my face with the obvious goal to get me to smile with her look or a well-timed leg hug while exclaiming an excited “Daddy!” upon my arrival home from work or a room she’s in after not seeing me for a few minutes. Little girls seem to be wired to captivate their dads at an early age in a way that is different than how boys seek approval.

Soccer Class

I took this picture of Josiah triumphantly crossing the makeshift finish line with my phone. Catching an action shot was really a long shot due to the time from the shutter actuation to the actual image captured. It’s a first, and I liked the unexpected result.