Test Recording

I just wanted to see how this new software worked… listen

Job update

my new job is going well and I am learning a lot.

New Job

I just heard my employer is offering me a new position with higher pay. Sounds good to me.

Spiritual thoughts

Men’s Monthly Meeting Talk


I was asked to talk at a men’s group today, and I was honored to share some things about spiritual habits that can really help us. They would help me a lot more if I did not get so distracted at times. It takes less than 30 minutes to listen to, and a lifetime to implement.


Hope it helps you too. It helps to look in the mirror sometimes.

Talk with Kids

I talk with the kids about their thoughts and dreams in my living room before we leave for a barbecue.

child family My Kids


I like to record myself and my children sometimes. It seems to capture more emotion and personality than a photo alone could capture.

Home Recording

I ask my kids about themselves and what is on their minds before we head to a friend’s barbecue.



Bike to work day?

I rode my bike to work today, like I almost always do, and a guy at work asked me if I knew it was ‘bike to work’ day. I told him that I had no idea that today was bike to work day.
Coincidentally, I recorded a time lapse of my ride to work with my handlebar mounted iPhone. I could not get a good view of the road in front of my bike, so I switched to the front camera, since the phone is angled for me to see my speed and elapsed time for my little trips like this. There is no sound, but I find it interesting.

Eden describes her day

My youngest daughter tells me what she did recently.

Check in

Sitting on the porch with my baby Gideon.

podcast relaunched

I talk about my podcast workflow and introduce my other podcast called “The Voice”