I don’t like junk mail.

Businesses send mail to me, pretending to be already in a business relationship with me. They put phrases like, “about your mortgage” or warn “Federal Law Prohibits tampering with …blah blah blah”. After opening the envelope, I discover: a credit card application with a 4 inch zero % printed on it with a small asterisk* which symbolically says,” We want to deceive the naiive while being legally sound”. Without junk mail, I may get an envelope of time-worthy mail every two or three days otherwise. The newspaper-thick bundle of ads and coupons which confuses the stack of mail is less desirable. The price of waste collection has just gone up for me also, so I suppose that is why I am reminded of print advertisement’s impact on my household alone. I think I would like if the post office had such an effective filtering system as did google’s gmail beta web application. I am not an email purist, by any means, but I do enjoy the benefits of efficiency and frugal innovation. If hand-delivered mail was only hand written, I would look forward to it like I did as a child. The concept of the pen pal is one which seems to be lost now. I think I will write a letter now, or when I get a moment.look at my art- here

By ezraengle

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