If only it were so easy,
To be righteous in your sight,
To read the entire message,
To resist the urge to delete,
If only it were so easy,
To pass the test that Paul failed,
By sending the message on to everyone I ever knew- and some I really never did,
The story did intrigue me,
And it made a decent point,
I laughed at that one part,
And was surprised at the end after I scrolled past the three pages of spacers,
But honestly,
Is this is a test from God?
And I will be one of the seven percent who don’t delete it?,
The elect chosen people of God?
The sheep, the ones who please Him?
Who resist the violent flow of this dark world and courageously forward this message to their entire list of contacts?
I sadly recognize my need for more courage, and the general need for more discernment.
To fear God more than man,
To recognize when an email is addressed to me from a person,
And to know that my pride in my faith is better exercised in my community where I can meet the needs of others, because love costs something. Encouragement is of value, but more so when it is directed personally to a known individual, whom has some trust in the encourager.
Satan is the accuser.
I don’t want to join his team,
I have enough to do as it is,
I am busy preparing for the grand finaly,
Where he gets dropped into his eternal bucket of dismay, and God’s suffering children will be exalted to His prescence, where we will praise Him in a way only the angels knew how to before.
This earth had better get out of her guilt, on to conviction, repentance, and from forgiveness to righteousness. God is waiting, and I don’t know how long His patience will last.

By ezraengle

I like to ride my bicycle.

One reply on “Spirituality”

Those e-mails are annoying. I delete them. Not because I am not brave enough to profess my love in Christ, but because I am more interested in serving Him than spending more time on the internet. My faith is in God, not e-mail chain letters.
Yeah. Amen.

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