I Don’t Get it.

I don’t get why I am already getting these errors on my virtual machine.  I try and try again, restart, and the problem persists.  There does not seem to be an easy auto detector for the problem.  I will have to write down the names of the failed updates and research them by name and attempt to manually override whatever was planned.  

No really big deal though, it does work, and it’s not like I have to depend on Windows to work for me.  That’s why I have a mac now anyways.  I purchased XP so I can help others and browser test my web pages in a native setup, as most people in the world have to do things, with Internet Explorer, because they don’t know better, or have no choice.

By ezraengle

I like to ride my bicycle.

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Hey, this actually goes to your WordPress blog but I didn’t feel like registering for an account just to leave a comment so…the one thing I like about my iPod as opposed to my iPhone(3g) is that it will transfer my purchases from my iPod to my wife’s computer so we don’t have to buy the music twice, but can still have and maintain separate libraries. I’m not sure why the iPhone doesn’t do that but it’s one good reason to keep at least one of those iPods.

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