Limitations of Social Networking

My boss asked me yesterday what my YouTube video meant when referencing “Vegan bacon” in a short skit the youth at my church made and I published on my YouTube channel. I said, “I get the teens in the youth group to do a skit to advertise an unlikely product in a humorous manner” and did not really know what he was getting at. I wondered if he was a vegan, and happened to not find it to be humorous. He said he was just wondering.
The day after that, he said he was on facebook and wondered If I had a profile. I said I didn’t, and that I had deleted my myspace account recently (which is true). I mentioned that I use Twitter, and he seemed to have no idea what that was.
I pondered what it would be like to have my boss among the friends on a social network profile, commenting and writing on my wall, constantly wondering what insight he could get into my mind through what I may post from time to time. I don’t know exactly what to think, but I guess I don’t have anything to hide- it just seems odd when social lines get crossed suprisingly. We have photography in common, and that seems more comfortable to relate at that level.
I suppose everyone involved in a social network gets a false sense of intimacy while posting stuff to a worldwide publicly available space. It’s not just those who comment back who are reading my posts and watching my videos. That’s a meal for thinking.

By ezraengle

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