family thoughts

It’s the little things

Gideon Smiling in his sleep while being photographed

This photo really makes me smile. Gideon, as Karyn (my wife) takes a photo of him sleeping, spontaneously starts smiling.

Babies, I believe, are designed to really captivate their parents. I look back at photos of my older children when they were his age, and in old photos they don’t seem as cute anymore, not like they are now, or as they seemed then.

It is weird to feel the magnetic pull of parenthood, the love that keeps snapping me back from my daily distractions at work and making me be a better parent despite my selfish natural desires. I just need to create more intentional opportunities to be there for happy undistracted moments.

Love requires sacrifice, and I like ‘me’ better with love. I am sure Gideon does too.

By ezraengle

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