Ezra’s Personal 2020 Voting Guide:

For Candidates:

  1.  Did this candidate put in at least the minimum effort to get on the ballot and make a written statement like the other candidates did?
  2. Does the candidate have any sort of distinct presence online?
  3. Does their online presence look foolish?
  4. Does this candidate promote larger amounts of federal and state controls and collected taxes to be implemented under their leadership, for programs that have not demonstrated successful and clearly measurable results or benefits to average citizens?
  5. Does this candidate spend the majority of their time and direct any attention they get to the failures (or supposed failures) of their political opponent(s)?
  6. After hearing or reading a statement by this candidate, am I curious to hear more about their ideas on other topics?
  7. Does this candidate have any previous success in a role that is at least vaguely considered productive in their life before entering politics?
  8. Does it sound like this candidate is over-promising, and is it hard to clearly explain how their ideas could be paid for because of an absence of which programs they might suggest cutting?
  9. Does it sound like they are just listing ideas or goals that sound good, but there is no reason for me to believe that they could ever work as part of a team to garner support, make a comprehensive plan, or that they could encourage others to want to work with them to achieve any of these goals?

For Measures and Bills:

  1. Does it increase spending?
  2. If it costs anything, is it for a very specific cause that I can clearly and wholeheartedly endorse?
  3.  Is it confusing, unclear or vague?
  4. Does it obligate the government to borrow or spend in the future?
  5. Does it change anything in law that I do understand into something that isn’t clearly understood?
  6. Does it create another government institution with more departments and employees to do a thing that didn’t exist before? Am I really excited about what this institution will or could do with any of their new power?

Tie Breakers For Candidates:

  1. Is one an incumbent? Unless I am excited or impressed with their performance already, that may be a disadvantage.
  2. Is one less transparent? If I have reason to believe they are dishonest, that is a disadvantage.
  3. Is one engaging in newer media channels that engage younger voters? That is an advantage.
  4. Does one have a frowny-looking face? That might be a disadvantage.
  5. Does one candidate have an uncommon hobby, value, or a weird interest that I also have? That is an advantage.

Other Considerations:

  1. Do other people think I should vote for them? I don’t care
  2. Do other people think I am throwing my vote away by voting for them? I don’t care
  3. Do popular opinions, articles I see on Facebook or Twitter, or glossy mailers I receive at home move the needle a bit? No, I don’t really care.
  4. Do influential people that use their authority and power to try to encourage me to “do the right thing” and vote for their candidate influence me? Yes, but only to move their level of influence in my life down another notch below where it was previously. Once they reach the bottom notch, their public voice is merged with the glossy mailers in my recycling bin.

By ezraengle

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