To Draw

I have been thinking alot about drawing and the creation of art in general recently. When I go to work and come home, eat and sleep and socialize with wife, kids and friends, I am reminded about some of the unique talent I have and have not been really using as much as I should. I have a lot of fine art supplies in the garage, but they are dried up and corroding. I need to develop my skills again in the digital realm, so that I can get back to progressing creatively and find my way back to making my business profitable. I have invested plenty in my business, and now it is time to promote it and make some money in the process.

My Kids thoughts

Everyone is sick

I was sick the other week. I am glad not to be still, excepting the occasional cough. My wife, Karyn still has a ways to go before she is back feeling 100%.
Josiah feels a little sick, but he says he is feeling better.