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2013 Men’s Advance

(formerly referred to as a Retreat)

Save this date, men, sons, dads, grandfathers, uncles and brothers! There is a brochure you can check out, but no registration form to fill out, Just notify Ezra Engle and get him your $120 check payable to Edgewater Covenant Church to make it a done deal.

  • When: Friday, October 25th – Sunday, October 27th
  • Cost: $120.00
  • Who: Men, from High School aged to Infinity (and beyond)
  • Where: Alliance Redwoods Campground, Occidental, CA
  • Contact: Ezra Engle (925) 207-5080
  • Why #1: To rally together and harness our collective manliness to glorify God and expand His kingdom in ways other genders could not completely understand.
  • Why #2: To have fun together, hike, play or just hang out together.
  • Why #3: To enjoy the beauty of God’s creation while learning and worshipping God together and with other men from 8 churches in our greater local communities.

So don’t ‘retreat’ to the way you might have otherwise spent another October weekend, ‘advance’ with confidence along with the other guys at Edgewater to support what God is doing and has planned for His will on Earth and focused in our own communities. This is a great time to make it a priority to invest in the bonds that hold us together, protect and strengthen The Church’s ministry to the world.

I am going, will you?


Ezra Engle


phone: (925) 207-5080

A note from Karyn Engle

to the ladies, and the men:

Our lives are busy. Most of us- whether single or married, with or without children- can relate to having a full schedule. Our days off come and go, and quickly fill up with work that needs to get done.

My time with Ezra feels so limited, and so precious. One thing that is crucial in our family is that we don’t keep so busy, and so distracted, that we neglect our spiritual needs. It’s easy to do. Each year, we make it a priority for Ezra to attend a men’s ‘advance’. I believe that Ezra is worth investing in, I believe his spirit needs refreshing, I believe that his strength in Christ has a huge impact on the health of our whole family. It is easy for me to rattle off a million reasons why I need him home and the many things that need to be done, but I’d be neglecting the bigger picture. My family needs strong leadership. I need a husband who seeks Christ first. My children need a tangible example of how to pursue Godliness, even when life is busy.

While Ezra is away, I pray that he is challenged. I pray he grows. I pray he comes home more in love with Jesus, and more in love with us.

This year, I pray that the men of Edgewater attend this ‘advance’ together. I pray that fathers bring their high school boys. I pray that we women (single or married) will encourage the men (single or married) to grow, serve, lead and love.

Sisters, the kingdom of God needs each one of us to see the big picture. The housework can get out of hand, the laundry keeps growing, the lawn can be outrageous, kids can overwhelm us- but those things are temporary. We have an enemy set out to tear us down, weaken us, destroy us. Lets not give him a foothold.

Men, before you go- remind the women of Edgewater how valuable they are. Take note of the many wonderful things our women do. I pray the men of Edgewater come home ready to build up, strengthen, encourage, serve, and bless their families, their church, their community, and most importantly- our God.

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