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iPod Touch (2nd Gen) For sale – 8GB

My sons Noah and Josiah are selling their old iPod Touch.
iPod Touch For sale (2nd Generation)
They want about $40 for it.

Included Skull Candy Case and screen protector
It does not include a cable or headphones.No USB cable or headphones included
It works fine, just can’t have the current version of iOS installed. If you wanted an iPod touch that works for music, video and browsing the web on wifi, this may be a good fit for you.

I was trying to list it on eBay, but the eBay site kept freezing when i tried to upload these photos to it. I will add a link once it gets listed. If you are local, try to contact me before I do because I prefer to do business in person.

-Ezra J. Engle
+1 (925) 755-0004

I listed it and it sold on eBay for $31 + $10 shipping and handling – ~$1.95 seller fee – ~$7.68 actual shipping cost = $32.22 net sales price for my son.
2nd Update
Add another charge for $4.10 to the list of eBay seller fees. =$26.12 corrected net sales price for my son.

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