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A Moving Poem

I want to move to a place where there are no tears and there is no sorrow, but that may have to wait until beyond tomorrow.

There is suffering here until death from our birth , we must strive to bring healing while we’re still here on earth.

If we don’t do this- I ask you, who will? We can’t leave our poor earth to those who would kill.

I will pray for the healers to not leave prematurely, while those who love evil can go fast and early.

Unless they would change, and join in the fight- to defeat selfish suffering and uphold what’s right.

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A Sad Realization

My wife Karyn called me today and told me that she had sad news and funny news. I couldn’t imagine what type of news could be both sad and funny, so I assumed that there were two separate unrelated events of which she would shortly inform me.