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Photo Walk

(Written a while ago, forgot to finish, publish too)
When I got home yesterday, upon entering my house, I was stunned to smell a strong gasoline odor. I asked Karyn what happened, and found out that she had mowed the lawn and that the mower leaks gas. Confused, I wondered why she would have the mower in the house. She was busy doing tasks walking from here to there and I prodded to figure why the smell was so strong in the house. She said that the mower is in the garage and that she just opened the door to get clothes from the dryer not long ago. I am guessing that she had gotten acclamated to the odor, because she did not seem bothered by it. I suggested that I take the kids outside for a while until the odor dissipated.
She agreed, and I went through the house opening windows and doors, switching our air conditioner from recirculate to ventilate. Within a minute, the atmosphere had been refreshed. The kids were all excited to go for a walk though, so I grabbed my camera and phone and walked with the kids outside.
We were going to walk just around the block, so I wanted the kids to hold each other’s hands while I led them and took a few photos. Josiah, understanding my intent, arranged Noah and Zion with himself to stand in order by height for a posed group shot in front of our van in the driveway.
They walked down the sidewalk precariously strolling, Noah and Zion veering often away from the concrete into the decorative rock landscaping and stumbling, frustrating me a bit, knowing that there would be tears when they fell. I prefer to avoid the tear management problem altogether, if possible. We stopped in front of a field of foxtails, which are a novelty to Josiah, and consequently, Noah, and to a lesser extent, Zion. They plucked a few of them and before boredom was unanimous, we continued on.
Next we saw a curious tree stump, with stakes holding caution/cuidado tape around the sight. I wondered what the warning was about, since I hadn’t thought of a tree stump being where a tree had been for years as something to catch a passerby by dangerous surprise.
After a bit more walking we saw a hydrant. I asked Noah if he knew what it was; he didn’t know. Same question to Josiah, and he was at a loss for the name of it but wanted to assure me that it’s purpose was explainable. “that’s where the firemen put their hose onto to put water on fires” he explained. Not to bypass Zion, I asked her if she knew what it was, and she did not know.
I thought the hydrant looked cool, and I always like my kids in a picture, since a still inanimate life image does not have the lasting value of any image featuring people, and my kids are great examples of people loved and almost always avialable to me.

(lost interest in finishing this, so short ending below:)

…I finished walking around the block and took a few pictures. See my images on Flickr. I am user “ezravision”


Traveling to Denver Colorado

I am on the flight to Denver now. I have no Internet access, because I am at or above 10,000 feet of altitude on southwest airlines. I had two cranberry juice cups and a blueberry breakfast bar distributed by my host. I just got a whiff of what smells like nail polish. I hope there is not someone on this plane actually applying nail polish while in flight. I really have a strong dislike for the smells common in beauty salons.

My Kids


I wonder what it is about a daughter that really catches my attention. She seems to really seek my attention, not that my sons don’t, but she looks for my attention to be on her. My boys usually want me to see what they can do or accomplish to impress me with their accomplishments and skills. Not Zion. She wants me to be delighted in her for her charm or smile. She is pretty good at this too, because sometimes I have difficulty focusing he camera when she suprises me with something surprisingly delightful while the camera is at my eye. Now that she is grasping language so much better, she delights me in language as well as through expressions on her face.
In this photo, I decided that it would be better cropped with a sideways orientation, but Zion, always wanting to accomodate whatever I choose to do decided that a sideways beautiful grin might better fit accordingly in the resulting image. She knew it better than I did.


To Draw

I have been thinking alot about drawing and the creation of art in general recently. When I go to work and come home, eat and sleep and socialize with wife, kids and friends, I am reminded about some of the unique talent I have and have not been really using as much as I should. I have a lot of fine art supplies in the garage, but they are dried up and corroding. I need to develop my skills again in the digital realm, so that I can get back to progressing creatively and find my way back to making my business profitable. I have invested plenty in my business, and now it is time to promote it and make some money in the process.

My Kids thoughts

Everyone is sick

I was sick the other week. I am glad not to be still, excepting the occasional cough. My wife, Karyn still has a ways to go before she is back feeling 100%.
Josiah feels a little sick, but he says he is feeling better.


Limitations of Social Networking

My boss asked me yesterday what my YouTube video meant when referencing “Vegan bacon” in a short skit the youth at my church made and I published on my YouTube channel. I said, “I get the teens in the youth group to do a skit to advertise an unlikely product in a humorous manner” and did not really know what he was getting at. I wondered if he was a vegan, and happened to not find it to be humorous. He said he was just wondering.
The day after that, he said he was on facebook and wondered If I had a profile. I said I didn’t, and that I had deleted my myspace account recently (which is true). I mentioned that I use Twitter, and he seemed to have no idea what that was.
I pondered what it would be like to have my boss among the friends on a social network profile, commenting and writing on my wall, constantly wondering what insight he could get into my mind through what I may post from time to time. I don’t know exactly what to think, but I guess I don’t have anything to hide- it just seems odd when social lines get crossed suprisingly. We have photography in common, and that seems more comfortable to relate at that level.
I suppose everyone involved in a social network gets a false sense of intimacy while posting stuff to a worldwide publicly available space. It’s not just those who comment back who are reading my posts and watching my videos. That’s a meal for thinking.

News Software

Photo Alternative from Google for Macs

Picasa for Mac: Free download from Google: ”
I am gonna try this out. I hear good things about it from windows users.

News thoughts

Power Corrupts?

I hope this isn’t true.

AT&T screwing its EDGE iPhone users? | 9 to 5 Mac:

Karyn has been having problems with her first generation iPhone (specifically the voice quality and ability to receive calls) ever since she got it. She tells me that she likes the phone and she has text messaged like crazy in a way that she never has before, and used the internet and browser like she never has before in any other phone. The big problem is that she is always having people who try to call her say that it goes straight to voicemail, without her hearing it ring, or seeing any indication that she has missed a call. I have the 3g iPhone, and have had a pretty great experience since 30 days into my contract, when 3g arrived in Antioch, CA. the first 30 days, I had service quite like Karyn gets.
My hope is that if this is true, that the provider makes it right (buys back 1st generation iphones and releases affected customers from their contracts) and acknowledges it. If this is ignored, and proven to be conscious neglect, then this will be an example of power corrupting a business to make decisions for it’s own interests against the good of the customer. I would like to see all wireless devices not locked to any one carrier in the near future, to foster healthy competition.

for sale


I was thinking of selling my iPods soon and all of their accesories, since I now have everything covered by my iPhone. I don’t really know what they are worth, since they are changing prices pretty often. I guess the iPod photo could sell for $50 and the iPod video for $75. They are both 30 GB models. The picture below is of the video iPod. Let me know of you are interested in the comments and I can talk further about what accesories I have for them.

My Kids


My wife Karyn took this photo with her iPhone. I really like the smile she has here. Zion really knows how to get to me. I always was confused about how dads like mine could go overboard (so I thought) in their infatuation with their daughters, and there being terms like “daddy’s little girl” but I think I get how that comes about, with Zion naturally seeking my face with the obvious goal to get me to smile with her look or a well-timed leg hug while exclaiming an excited “Daddy!” upon my arrival home from work or a room she’s in after not seeing me for a few minutes. Little girls seem to be wired to captivate their dads at an early age in a way that is different than how boys seek approval.